Berlin Microfilm Show:
                     Focus on micro-film, dedicated to creating professional, dedicated international micro-film exchange and evaluation. The jury will select six awards based on the selection, conception and quality of the participating films: Best Film Award, Best Humanities Award, Best Director Award, Best Screenplay Award, Network Popularity Award , Special Recommendation Award. All finalists will be invited by the Organizing Committee to participate in a series of micro-film exhibition related activities.

Micro-film unit registration requirements:

                     The total length of the film is less than 10 minutes. The form of the film is not limited. The short films, documentaries, experimental films, commercials, etc. In the primary stage, please upload the video website and provide the link address correctly in the form. Each director (and his team) only accepts two works. Preliminary entries, requiring transmission of high-definition video 1080P or more, posters require a version of 84cm X 57cm, authorized and copyright statement complete and stamped.

Application deadline: 20 December 2017